Kimel Foundation

Neurodiverse solutions designed by the neurodiverse,
delivered by the neurodiverse for the neurodiverse

Your Solution

Providing a stepping stone to independence for neurodiverse community

How (Stage 1)

“If you know one person with autism, you only know one person with autism”

By treating everyone as an individual with their own, needs, wants and ambitions we identify realistic and achievable goals.

We conduct a simple factfinding exercise  – a form you fill out or we can fill this out with you.  This can be done remotely by Zoom , telephone or face to face.

Who (Stage 2)

We offer support, guidance and signposting.

Everyone is an individual so guidance and support will depend on

  1. capability
  2. capacity
  3. motivation

With the data from our Initial factfinding exercise, this will assist us to find the best way to support you.

At every stage, we will discuss our plans and together we will determine a way forward

What (Stage 3)

We know that not everyone is able to manage a 35 hour working week

Everyone is an individual so together we will look at…

  1. Self development & employability
  2. Employment opportunities.
  3. Further educational needs.
  4. Volunteering opportunities.


Because everyone deserves an opportunity to shine

Self development & employability pathway

Our signature 12 week programme has not only received much praise but has allowed 80% of participants to move into some form of employment

Finding suitable employment opportunities

We work with employers showing them the advantages of working with neurodiverse individuals and show them the reasonable adjustments to allow this.

Discussing further education or volunteering opportunities

In order to achieve your dream, your goal, you may need to consider further education and we will help you identify suitable courses and providers

Self development & employability pathway

Our bespoke 12 week employability pathway is unique having been designed and is presented by a neurodiverse person.  This means they know the problems, prejudices and challenges you may face.

Course contents

We work hand in hand on a 12 week programme of Personal development and employability skills, we work through topics including

  • Health,
  • self-awareness,
  • Communication,
  • Executive Functioning,
  • Emotional Regulation ,
  • Sensory needs,
  • Relationships,
  • Boundaries ,
  • Responsibility,
  • Neurodiversity and work.
  • How to job seek,
  • Self-care when in work and much more.

The course is given over 12 weeks with 2 hours of “class work” with normally up to 8 participants per week with 1 hour of one to one mentoring and coaching every two weeks. It is this mentoring and coaching that makes the difference.

All participants are tracked using the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Health Wellbeing Scale.  We use a simple app on your smartphone, 9 questions, choose 1 of 4 answers in a dropdown box and press “Submit”.   This on its own means very little but answered regularly at weekly intervals allows us to track your progress. Using this simple method we have already uncovered cases of grooming and self harm. But we were able to nip these problems in the bud before they got any worse.

Further Education &/or Volunteering

Everyone is different and there is no magic formula.

Unfortunately careers advice can be hugely variable from excellent to non-existent.  Often the people we cater for have not yet discovered who exactly they are or where they want to go and we help them with that self-development.

For some volunteering is the way forward.  This has its own value and shows that you are a respected and valued member of a team so has countless benefits.