Everyone deserves an opportunity

Every autistic young person has a right to work

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The Kimel Foundation

— In memory of Howard Kimel

The Kimel Foundation has been set up in memory of a dear friend and an inspirational man Howard Kimel.

He was a very successful businessman who believed in giving people opportunities. 

He invested generously in people he believed in with nothing in it for himself apart from the knowledge that he was helping people succeed that otherwise wouldn’t have been given the opportunity. He thrived on helping people and watching their business grow.

Video by kind permission of the author, Paul Micallef of ‘Autism Explained‘, Australia

Impact Stories

Josef, 46 is severely autistic with a highly developed analytical brain
Unfortunately taken advantage of by profit hungry entrepreneurs, Josef ended up in a very dark place.  We have helped Josef by setting up his own company to produce world beating products
Robert, 26 autistic, unemployed, living alone
Robert was referred to us by the Department of Works & Pensions.  He told us he wanted a career in care.  We spoke to the wonderful Leonard Cheshire homes, got him a placement as a volunteer and four weeks later he was offered a permanent paid position.