Thank you for returning the form.  This was developed by the University of Kent who called it ASCOT (Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit)

What is does is measure various areas in your life.

On its own it means absolutely nothing but taken at monthly intervals over a period of months allows us to see the areas where you are improving and areas where we need to concentrate.

This gives us basic information.

If you want more detailed information, you can try other more advanced psychological profiling tools.  The one we like is called 16 Personalities.  This gives an incredibly insightful view into your personality.

If you do this test we would be very happy if you would share the results with us.  It allows us to understand and so help you better.  However, this is all about you and we understand if you don’t feel comfortable sharing these insights  but it may help you to understand yourself and why you react in the way you do.