Quick road map… 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Someone, 16+ is referred to us

Ideally we take 16-24 year olds.

They may or may not be autistic but they will be in need of help and guidance.

We say “neurodiverse” as this covers all bases

Click the links to access the forms.  

Again, ideally this will be done online and can be done on mobile, tablet or desktop

We have limited funding for those who do not have online access

Use these links to apply for financial help to get online or to increase your data allowance

Send them the registration form 

Once this form is returned, we need to do a more intensive fact-find

We measure…

  1. motivation
  2. capability 
  3. capacity

How quickly did they return the form?  How willing were they to engage with us?  How accurate were the answers?

This will give us more background information and so an initial indication of which way to send them.  

Once initial fact-find has been completed, we should do an ASCOT analysis

ASCOT = Adult Social Care Outcomes Tool

We will be judged on our outcomes.  ASCOT gives us a baseline score and shows over a period of time if we are improving or failing and in which areas we need to concentrate.

We have two versions of the ASCOT tool both will give very similar results.  

The self assessment is where you think a person is capable to doing this themselves

The interviewer assessment is where a person is reluctant or nor capable of completing this.  Note this will possibly take up to an hour for an interviewer to complete

A decision now has to be made as to the initial approach.

  1. Are they “work ready”?


Approach Nic to get them placed into work


Refer back to assessment process

Are they capable of work given the right support and guidance?  

Are they motivated to work?


Refer to the NEET training program


Refer back to assessment process

Do they need further education to get to where they want to be?  

Are they capable but not yet been given the opportunity?


Refer to the NEET training program with or without further education involvement


Refer back to assessment process

Are they motivated but our assessment are showing concerns re capability and/or capacity?


Refer to our volunteering programme with a view to work experience and possible work placements


Refer back to assessment process

Do they appear to be “struggling”?

Are there possibly other “issues” that our processes cannot or have failed to identify?


Think about referral to professional partners. We have a psychologist on our team who can recommend possible pathways


Refer back to assessment process

Is the capability and capacity present but motivation appears to be an issue?


Think about mentoring but also accept that there may be some you just cannot reach!


Refer back to beginning and try a  reassessment process to see if there is anything we have missed.  Involve colleagues to see if anyone else has an idea.

Don’t think you have to do this alone and don’t feel a failure if you can’t help.  There will be a core of “unhelpables” and we have to accept that.  Refer to their job coach or social services link.