Maximising & developing potential

what we do...

For young people

  • we provide direct support to young people with autism through our specialist further education online programme as well as in-person training at our relaxed Thames Valley hub
  • provide young people with autism the opportunities they need to gain employment
  • support parents and carers of young people
  • we work with employers & organisations to help increase confidence with autism and neurodiversity at work
  • act as a bridge to employment for autistic people

For employers

  • increase your understanding of autism
  • help you feel more confident with young autistic people
  • introduce simple low cost “reasonable” adaptations 
  • learn about strategies and support to help a young person achieve their maximum potential
  • continued support and access to further resources
  • advice regarding The Equality Act 2010

We have a proven track record in supporting young people access employment.  Since we established our programme in Leicester in 2017 we have worked extensively with other charities such as The Princes’s Trust, Access Generation, Voluntary Action Leicester also with statutory authorities such as the Department for Works & Pensions, City and County Councils and various NHS Trusts.